The sky seemed strangely red

The other day my new car was delivered so I decided to take it out for a spin and went to the nearby mountains.

Even though they’re nearby I’ve never driven there before, so I enjoyed the new road for a while.

Then the road started to get smaller, and on the side of the road I could see lots of little shrine gates (about 30cm high), and ropes tied around trees, and the sky started turning this strange colour of red.

I started talking to the person in the passenger seat, “Isn’t it scary? Maybe we should go back, haha.” “If you weren’t here I’d be so scared,” and so on.

I was driving alone. No one else should have been in the car, but I was undoubtedly having a conversation with someone.

Then, no matter how much I drove the road just continued on and on and I was getting more and more scared.

I didn’t want whoever was next to me to notice that I was scared (I was probably embarrassed about it) so I acted like nothing was wrong and kept on driving.

Eventually the road started to widen again and I arrived back in the residential area.

At the same time the fog cleared from my mind and I realised how strange the whole situation was, so I took a different road home.

Yesterday I drove through that same road during the daytime but without seeing any of the shrine gates or the long narrow road I soon arrived in the residential area.

I wonder if that was another dimension?
Either way, I promised myself to never drive that road at night again.