Got our own domain!

I decided to take the plunge and get proper web hosting with a domain name so you can now find us at! I’ll still be updating bits and pieces here and there, but please feel free to drop by, bookmark the page and leave some comments!


The sky seemed strangely red

The other day my new car was delivered so I decided to take it out for a spin and went to the nearby mountains.

Even though they’re nearby I’ve never driven there before, so I enjoyed the new road for a while.

Then the road started to get smaller, and on the side of the road I could see lots of little shrine gates (about 30cm high), and ropes tied around trees, and the sky started turning this strange colour of red.

I started talking to the person in the passenger seat, “Isn’t it scary? Maybe we should go back, haha.” “If you weren’t here I’d be so scared,” and so on.

I was driving alone. No one else should have been in the car, but I was undoubtedly having a conversation with someone.

Then, no matter how much I drove the road just continued on and on and I was getting more and more scared.

I didn’t want whoever was next to me to notice that I was scared (I was probably embarrassed about it) so I acted like nothing was wrong and kept on driving.

Eventually the road started to widen again and I arrived back in the residential area.

At the same time the fog cleared from my mind and I realised how strange the whole situation was, so I took a different road home.

Yesterday I drove through that same road during the daytime but without seeing any of the shrine gates or the long narrow road I soon arrived in the residential area.

I wonder if that was another dimension?
Either way, I promised myself to never drive that road at night again.

The mysterious Ken and the secret on the second floor

1: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/07/04(金)22:01:38 ID:DJ9qQQei7
I’m gonna write now, okay.

2: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/07/04(金)22:01:47 ID:agIBjaFPH

4: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/07/04(金)22:02:47 ID:DJ9qQQei7
My details (at the time)

175cm 62kg
A regular face
Hobbies: Shogi, aquariums
Never had a girlfriend, only a few friends

Okay, let me write this down.

At the time I was a first grade university student and living alone, so I didn’t have much money (my allowance from home was also quite small).

I worked part time jobs at family restaurants and convenience stores, but I noticed that home teachers got paid a lot better.

But registering to be a home teacher on the web is a bit of a hassle, isn’t it?

So I got permission from the neighbourhood and started handing out flyers.

I’m pretty sure I had on there that I could teach junior high school students English and Japanese, one hour was 3000 yen, and it had my contact details.

Then a few days later I got a phone call.

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Moving to Tumblr

I’ve been thinking about what would be best for the site’s future and I’ve decided to move the blog to Tumblr. You can now find all future updates here. This way it’ll be easier to follow, like and comment on posts etc. See you there!

The mountain pass onibi

On the way from Tokyo to Yamanashi there’s a road called “Wada Pass.”

It’s a famous mountain pass on the internet with rumours about ‘something appearing.’ My friend’s aunt had a strange experience there.

This aunt’s husband liked to go fishing and often went here and there.

The two of them were very friendly so she often went along with him.

They drove through Wada Pass several times.

“Wada Pass is kinda scary. Going from Tokyo to Yamanashi is okay, but the return leg is creepy. If the windows are open I always close them. It feels like something might come inside.”

On this particular day they went to Yamanashi to go fishing, and passed through Wada Pass late that night on their way home.

“Aahh, it’s the pass soon,” she thought, and when she looked outside she could see these blue lights shining in the trees.

“Are they fishermen?” she thought and turned her gaze away. But no matter how far the car drove, the lights were always in front of them.


It was a bit creepy, so she said to her husband, “Darling, are those torch lights? They keep following us.”

“I know,” he said. “But those things aren’t from humans.”

She then noticed the number of lights were increasing.

They were in front of and behind the car, like they were chasing it to surround it.

“Darling, go a bit faster.”

The aunt was spooked and closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to see the blue lights.

It felt like forever before they got over the pass, she just kept praying to herself “faster, faster.”

Suddenly she felt the car going back downhill.

“We’ve passed it,” she thought and opened her eyes. Without a doubt they’d entered the Tokyo side of the mountain pass and were descending.

Fearfully she looked around but the lights were gone. She couldn’t see anything in the darkness of the trees.

Relieved, she noticed that she’d broken out in a cold sweat.

“It didn’t look like that often talked about plasma or anything. It seemed like it was alive…” she said, unsure of what they really were.

Cursed bread

Regarding this cursed bread.
It’s apparently really fragrant and delicious.

But inside you’ll find human flesh (for example a finger or earlobe), and when you eat it you’ll become cursed.

The owner of this bread shop was married for a long time to his wife, but he accidentally killed her. To hide the body he chopped her up into little pieces, and each day he put a piece into one of the 1000 loaves of bread he made.

The lucky person who got this one loaf of bread would find themselves seeking out more human flesh.
Human flesh is very addictive, you see.

Web novel translations?

I’ve started translating some Japanese horror web novels, one in particular that’s very similar to the stories I already post here, just short 300 or so word stories, each unrelated to the last, but I’m unsure whether to post them here or to create a new blog for them. What do you guys think? If you could drop a comment and let me know if you’d like to see them here or if I should open a novel translations blog instead. I hope to translate other web novels and short stories in the future as well, so I could keep all those together on a different site, or just post everything here.

Let me know, thanks!