I once lived in a one room apartment with a kitchen.
My room was at the end of the second floor, but sometimes I could hear a scratching sound coming from the wall on the side with no neighbours.

At first I was concerned, but I figured it was just a wild animal so I forgot about it.
(In reality, I had seen a flying squirrel around before.)
The first time my girlfriend came to my apartment the scratching started again. I told her to listen carefully.
When she did, she told me to take her to the convenience store right away.
When we arrived her face was blue and she said

“It looks like you could only hear the sound. I saw a black arm sticking out of your wall. It was scratching, making that sound. It also gave off a rotten smell.”

Of course I soon moved.


Laughter and footsteps

I’m a regular person with no ability to sense the supernatural, but there was one time that I had a ghostly experience.

My room in our apartment faces the hallway outside, so it’s easy for me to see when somebody passes by. I can clearly see the shadow of people through my thin curtains.
This happened when I was in the first grade of high school.
I was studying in my room just before the summer holidays for our end of term tests. It was past 2.30am and raining really hard outside. I was just thinking about going to bed.

Badum. Badum. Badum!

I could hear what sounded like a small child’s laughter and skipping. It sounded like it was near the building elevator nearby, so I thought the family that lived on the same floor was returning from a night out.
But what was strange was that I could only hear the sound of the child’s laughter and footsteps.
While I was wondering why the parents weren’t telling the child off I quickly turned my light off.
When I think about it now, I realise that for some reason I didn’t want to know why the child was awake, so to escape from the voice I jumped into bed.

Badum. Badum. Badum!

The voice started to get closer to my room.
That’s when I suddenly thought, why is it only a child’s voice and footsteps? Why can’t I hear the parents’ voices too?
I quickly closed my eyes and waited for the child to pass.

In just a little bit they’ll pass!
That’s what I was hoping for, and just when it seemed like the voice would pass it happened.
The voice and footsteps stopped right in front of my window.


A horrible silence descended over my room.
The owner of the voice was right there in front of my window.
It felt like they were looking directly at me from the 10cm open gap in the window.
Whether I was scared or curious, I thought I’d just get up and close the window, but my body refused to move.
I slept with my feet facing the window, so I should have been able to get up and go straight there, but my body was like a stone and wouldn’t move.
Slowly, as I calmed down, I urged myself “Get up right now, if you look outside it’ll all be over! Then get to sleep!!”
I don’t know how much time passed, but before I knew it the sun was rising and it was time to get up.

Realising it was morning I jumped out of bed and told mum about what happened the night before. But she was like “Well, that’s pretty common for kids that age, just forget about it.” She didn’t believe me. Since then, I haven’t experienced anything supernatural again but for me it was no laughing matter and a terrifying event.