Something unfamiliar in the binoculars

A-san liked birdwatching, so he got in his car and went to the nearby mountains like he often did.
He was observing the birds in the early morning forest when, for a brief moment, he spotted something unfamiliar in his binoculars.

He looked over with his naked eye, but perhaps because of the distance he couldn’t really see anything.
A-san looked through the binoculars once more and shuddered.

On the other side of the lens he could see a strange figure, what appeared to be a clump of moss on human legs stumbling around clumsily.
The upper body was as though its head and arms had been shaved off, its legs pale in colour, and it was covered in mud.

Having gazed upon something he shouldn’t have A-san shivered. But then he noticed something that made him run and never return to the mountain again.

That strange thing in the distance was walking slowly with an unsteady gait, but without a doubt it was heading right for him.