Where is my wife?

This story happened at the dispatch company I once worked for.

One day one of the dispatch employees asked me “Is there anything that can cure allergies in a single day?”
I have allergies so I told him that even if something said it could cure you in a single day, I didn’t think it would actually work.
After that this person (who I’ll call A-san) fell into a depression, and last month quit the company.

Before he quit I asked him if he was tired, if he was okay, what would he do if he quit and so on.

A-san told me that his wife had disappeared.

Below is A-san’s story.
One day, A-san returned late from work to find his wife wasn’t home.

The living room was dark and he couldn’t see anyone. The toilet light was also out, and upon checking no one was inside either.

Wondering if she was tired and already gone to bed, he went to look in the bedroom but no one was there. She hadn’t told him she’d be going out anywhere either.

They lived in a small apartment, so there was nowhere she could be hiding.

He turned on the TV and lights in the living room when suddenly he heard the toilet door open. His wife came out.

Even though he’d checked and no one was in there.

“Where did you go?” he asked. “I didn’t go anywhere. I was here,” she replied. She said she went to the toilet and when she came out A-san had come home.

From that day on there was something strange about his wife.

The wife A-san remembered was allergic to onions. Not just crying when cutting them, but her entire face would swell up red.

Until now if she ever wanted to cut up onions she would either wear goggles and a bandana or ask him to do it for her.

But there she was, right in front of his eyes, cutting up onions like it was nothing.

He asked her if she was fine cutting them up and she just smiled and went back to her work.

He began to feel like something strange was going on, and the more he thought about it the more suspicious it got.

But then he started to feel like he was the strange one for being suspicious of her. Thoughts kept spinning through his head and he felt like he was going crazy.

He said his wife disappeared one month before he left the company.
It was night and she was going to take a bath. She went to the bath room and never returned.

The bathroom had no windows, there was only a small vent in the roof. The entrance hall had a window, but it showed no signs of being opened.

He called her phone but it had been left in the living room.

Flustered, A-san called his wife’s family but no one answered.

Starting to panic, A-san thought that if he went to sleep perhaps he would wake up and everything would be back to normal, so he jumped into bed.

Of course when he woke up his wife still wasn’t there.

When he tried calling his wife’s place of work they replied that no one of that name had ever worked there.

He went to visit her family, but despite having gone there several times, another person was now living there.

They had been living there for over three years now.

It was as if his wife had never existed.

He visited the police and put out a search, but before he left the company we never heard any word that she had been found.