The mysterious Ken and the secret on the second floor

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I’m gonna write now, okay.

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My details (at the time)

175cm 62kg
A regular face
Hobbies: Shogi, aquariums
Never had a girlfriend, only a few friends

Okay, let me write this down.

At the time I was a first grade university student and living alone, so I didn’t have much money (my allowance from home was also quite small).

I worked part time jobs at family restaurants and convenience stores, but I noticed that home teachers got paid a lot better.

But registering to be a home teacher on the web is a bit of a hassle, isn’t it?

So I got permission from the neighbourhood and started handing out flyers.

I’m pretty sure I had on there that I could teach junior high school students English and Japanese, one hour was 3000 yen, and it had my contact details.

Then a few days later I got a phone call.

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Do you believe in doll curses?

Everyone, do you believe in dolls curses? I didn’t, until that time…
This happened when I was in the fifth grade.
It was the summer holidays and rather than going outside I was just reading manga in my room.

Midday was nice and warm so drowsiness snuck up on me and I fell asleep. I’m a dreamer so as usual I had a dream.
Even though it was a dream, I remember everything that happened exactly.

In the dream I was standing at the top of the stairs on the second floor.

In my hand I was holding a Korean doll with a rattling neck. Suddenly I threw it from the second floor window and it broke.
When I saw the doll I shuddered.
The doll I’d thrown was the one my parents had bought me when I was in third grade.
I’d broken that doll’s head by smashing it in with a rock.

My parents ended up throwing it away.

Suddenly the dream changed, and a woman covered in blood was looking at me.
I was so scared I woke up, but when I did…
I couldn’t move my arms or legs, and I couldn’t scream either. I had sleep paralysis.
I got more and more scared, and with all my might I tried to move but couldn’t.

Then suddenly, rattle rattle, the doll I’d thrown from the second floor window was coming up the stairs, step by step.

The reason I knew this was because it was a continuation of my dream.
When the doll reached the second floor it slowly rattled towards my room. I could feel it getting closer.

I was terrified and kept saying over and over in my head “don’t come, don’t come!” Suddenly I felt it disappear and I could move again.
I rushed downstairs to my family.

They say a doll maker puts part of their soul into each doll they make. I think the spirit of the doll I broke while playing with it turned into a grudge and attacked me in my dreams.
Now whenever I see a doll I shudder and think it’s going to attack me.

I don’t know when I’ll be attacked next.
If you buy a doll, make sure you look after it very carefully.