I was working part-time as hospital security

This is a story from when I used to work part time as a nighttime hospital security guard.

It was around 2am and I was taking my scheduled nap as my partner worked the floor.

There was no nap room set up so we were using a room in a separate building that wasn’t occupied.

The morgue was located in the basement of that building so it was a little creepy, but just as I was getting used to it all “that thing” happened.

A nap is just a nap, so I never fell into that deep of a sleep, but I had “that dream.”

That is, I was crawling up the stairs.

I was struggling to wriggle up the stairs with all my might.

In the dream I was heading for a particular room, absentmindedly thinking “yes, this is it.”

It was a room I’d seen before.

It was the room I was sleeping in right now.

At that moment I opened my eyes. I was covered in sweat. I wiped my brow.

It felt so real.

“What a creepy dream,” I voiced to myself.

I wanted to get back to the building full of people right away.

But, whether I was even more tired than usual that day, I fell asleep again without realising it.

Then, “bang!” The sound of a large metal door closing woke me up.

For a moment I had no idea what was going on.

I wasn’t lying down like I should have been. It felt like both my legs were being pulled down by gravity.

Everything was dark.

There were only two dim lights.

I was in the morgue.

The sound I’d heard earlier was myself closing the door.

There was a dead body lying in the bed before me.

It seemed like I’d been called here.

Confused, I escaped back to the other building.

When I asked about it later, a man who had lost both legs died there that night.

That’s probably why he crawled up to summon me.