Someone’s watching

This is a story from about 10 years ago, when I was a junior high school student.

After lunch there was cleaning time, and at the time I was in charge of the teaching materials room.
Teachers rarely came to this area during cleaning time so it was popular with students, and when time came to change cleaning areas students always fought over who would get to go there.

Even if you were slacking off from cleaning, it was a difficult place to be found in which is another reason it was so popular.
There was only a single door of frosted glass so if someone was coming you would soon see it.
For example, if someone came and we didn’t notice it, as soon as the visitor opened the door there were plenty of shelves to hide behind so we wouldn’t be found easily.

I remember hanging out with a lot of my friends there in just that manner.
Then one day, we met up with something dangerous in that room.

As usual we were playing around in there when suddenly one of my friends yelled out in a small voice “Someone’s coming!”
Someone was on the other side of the frosted glass.

We quickly tidied up what we were playing with, picked up our cleaning tools and hid in the darkness of the shelves.
We pretended to be seriously cleaning for a while but no matter how much time passed the door didn’t open.
Perhaps someone had just been passing by and that was all we had seen…?
The friend who had called out also thought that was probably it.

Sticking my head out from behind the shelf, I looked in the direction of the door…


There was definitely someone standing behind the door.

But, why?

They didn’t move, didn’t try to enter, why were they just standing there…?

It was then we noticed something was strange about the whole spectacle.
The entire door was frosted glass, so that should mean we’d be able to see the shadow of the person’s whole body.
You could see up to the forehead of even the tallest teacher through it.
But we could only see up to the chest of the figure standing behind the door.
We all slowly looked up and then let out a small scream.

Above the door was a skylight window, about 2 metres high, and someone was staring right at us.

What we saw with our eyes was a regular human.
But that height was not normal…

None of us could yell out. We were scared that if we took our eyes off it that it would enter the room, so we could do nothing but keep looking.
How long passed while we were like that?

Finally that person suddenly looked away from us and then quickly disappeared from in front of the door.

For a while none of us could move…

Eventually the bell rang to signify the end of cleaning time and we heard the sound of students’ voices moving towards their classrooms.

Little by little we calmed down and left the teaching materials room, but everyone remained silent.

Even now we don’t know who that was, and we haven’t heard about anyone seeing whatever “that” was either.

There was nobody in the school at that time over two metres tall, and no matter how much I think about it there’s just no way to explain it.