Help me

She went to work by train.
That day, just like every other day, the train was packed.
“Just another day,” Naomi thought as she got on board.

She soon noticed the girl next to her looked to be in trouble.
Her face was red, she was breathing hard, and in a feeble voice she said “Help me…”
“Oh no way,” Naomi thought and when she looked, a man’s hand was moving near the girl’s hips.
“I won’t let this happen.”
Naomi roughly grabbed the man’s hand, and pulling hard she held it up and screamed “this man is a pervert!”
At that moment everyone in the car looked towards them. The train fell silent.

The man’s hand was covered in blood. He was holding a knife.

The female high school student collapsed and started convulsing.
When the train stopped at the next station the man exited and ran off.

“I’ll never forget what happened,” Naomi said, her voice shaking.

In forcing the man’s hand roughly into the air, she had made the girl’s wound bigger.