Something unfamiliar in the binoculars

A-san liked birdwatching, so he got in his car and went to the nearby mountains like he often did.
He was observing the birds in the early morning forest when, for a brief moment, he spotted something unfamiliar in his binoculars.

He looked over with his naked eye, but perhaps because of the distance he couldn’t really see anything.
A-san looked through the binoculars once more and shuddered.

On the other side of the lens he could see a strange figure, what appeared to be a clump of moss on human legs stumbling around clumsily.
The upper body was as though its head and arms had been shaved off, its legs pale in colour, and it was covered in mud.

Having gazed upon something he shouldn’t have A-san shivered. But then he noticed something that made him run and never return to the mountain again.

That strange thing in the distance was walking slowly with an unsteady gait, but without a doubt it was heading right for him.


I was working part-time as hospital security

This is a story from when I used to work part time as a nighttime hospital security guard.

It was around 2am and I was taking my scheduled nap as my partner worked the floor.

There was no nap room set up so we were using a room in a separate building that wasn’t occupied.

The morgue was located in the basement of that building so it was a little creepy, but just as I was getting used to it all “that thing” happened.

A nap is just a nap, so I never fell into that deep of a sleep, but I had “that dream.”

That is, I was crawling up the stairs.

I was struggling to wriggle up the stairs with all my might.

In the dream I was heading for a particular room, absentmindedly thinking “yes, this is it.”

It was a room I’d seen before.

It was the room I was sleeping in right now.

At that moment I opened my eyes. I was covered in sweat. I wiped my brow.

It felt so real.

“What a creepy dream,” I voiced to myself.

I wanted to get back to the building full of people right away.

But, whether I was even more tired than usual that day, I fell asleep again without realising it.

Then, “bang!” The sound of a large metal door closing woke me up.

For a moment I had no idea what was going on.

I wasn’t lying down like I should have been. It felt like both my legs were being pulled down by gravity.

Everything was dark.

There were only two dim lights.

I was in the morgue.

The sound I’d heard earlier was myself closing the door.

There was a dead body lying in the bed before me.

It seemed like I’d been called here.

Confused, I escaped back to the other building.

When I asked about it later, a man who had lost both legs died there that night.

That’s probably why he crawled up to summon me.

Help me

She went to work by train.
That day, just like every other day, the train was packed.
“Just another day,” Naomi thought as she got on board.

She soon noticed the girl next to her looked to be in trouble.
Her face was red, she was breathing hard, and in a feeble voice she said “Help me…”
“Oh no way,” Naomi thought and when she looked, a man’s hand was moving near the girl’s hips.
“I won’t let this happen.”
Naomi roughly grabbed the man’s hand, and pulling hard she held it up and screamed “this man is a pervert!”
At that moment everyone in the car looked towards them. The train fell silent.

The man’s hand was covered in blood. He was holding a knife.

The female high school student collapsed and started convulsing.
When the train stopped at the next station the man exited and ran off.

“I’ll never forget what happened,” Naomi said, her voice shaking.

In forcing the man’s hand roughly into the air, she had made the girl’s wound bigger.

Do you believe in doll curses?

Everyone, do you believe in dolls curses? I didn’t, until that time…
This happened when I was in the fifth grade.
It was the summer holidays and rather than going outside I was just reading manga in my room.

Midday was nice and warm so drowsiness snuck up on me and I fell asleep. I’m a dreamer so as usual I had a dream.
Even though it was a dream, I remember everything that happened exactly.

In the dream I was standing at the top of the stairs on the second floor.

In my hand I was holding a Korean doll with a rattling neck. Suddenly I threw it from the second floor window and it broke.
When I saw the doll I shuddered.
The doll I’d thrown was the one my parents had bought me when I was in third grade.
I’d broken that doll’s head by smashing it in with a rock.

My parents ended up throwing it away.

Suddenly the dream changed, and a woman covered in blood was looking at me.
I was so scared I woke up, but when I did…
I couldn’t move my arms or legs, and I couldn’t scream either. I had sleep paralysis.
I got more and more scared, and with all my might I tried to move but couldn’t.

Then suddenly, rattle rattle, the doll I’d thrown from the second floor window was coming up the stairs, step by step.

The reason I knew this was because it was a continuation of my dream.
When the doll reached the second floor it slowly rattled towards my room. I could feel it getting closer.

I was terrified and kept saying over and over in my head “don’t come, don’t come!” Suddenly I felt it disappear and I could move again.
I rushed downstairs to my family.

They say a doll maker puts part of their soul into each doll they make. I think the spirit of the doll I broke while playing with it turned into a grudge and attacked me in my dreams.
Now whenever I see a doll I shudder and think it’s going to attack me.

I don’t know when I’ll be attacked next.
If you buy a doll, make sure you look after it very carefully.

Where is my wife?

This story happened at the dispatch company I once worked for.

One day one of the dispatch employees asked me “Is there anything that can cure allergies in a single day?”
I have allergies so I told him that even if something said it could cure you in a single day, I didn’t think it would actually work.
After that this person (who I’ll call A-san) fell into a depression, and last month quit the company.

Before he quit I asked him if he was tired, if he was okay, what would he do if he quit and so on.

A-san told me that his wife had disappeared.

Below is A-san’s story.
One day, A-san returned late from work to find his wife wasn’t home.

The living room was dark and he couldn’t see anyone. The toilet light was also out, and upon checking no one was inside either.

Wondering if she was tired and already gone to bed, he went to look in the bedroom but no one was there. She hadn’t told him she’d be going out anywhere either.

They lived in a small apartment, so there was nowhere she could be hiding.

He turned on the TV and lights in the living room when suddenly he heard the toilet door open. His wife came out.

Even though he’d checked and no one was in there.

“Where did you go?” he asked. “I didn’t go anywhere. I was here,” she replied. She said she went to the toilet and when she came out A-san had come home.

From that day on there was something strange about his wife.

The wife A-san remembered was allergic to onions. Not just crying when cutting them, but her entire face would swell up red.

Until now if she ever wanted to cut up onions she would either wear goggles and a bandana or ask him to do it for her.

But there she was, right in front of his eyes, cutting up onions like it was nothing.

He asked her if she was fine cutting them up and she just smiled and went back to her work.

He began to feel like something strange was going on, and the more he thought about it the more suspicious it got.

But then he started to feel like he was the strange one for being suspicious of her. Thoughts kept spinning through his head and he felt like he was going crazy.

He said his wife disappeared one month before he left the company.
It was night and she was going to take a bath. She went to the bath room and never returned.

The bathroom had no windows, there was only a small vent in the roof. The entrance hall had a window, but it showed no signs of being opened.

He called her phone but it had been left in the living room.

Flustered, A-san called his wife’s family but no one answered.

Starting to panic, A-san thought that if he went to sleep perhaps he would wake up and everything would be back to normal, so he jumped into bed.

Of course when he woke up his wife still wasn’t there.

When he tried calling his wife’s place of work they replied that no one of that name had ever worked there.

He went to visit her family, but despite having gone there several times, another person was now living there.

They had been living there for over three years now.

It was as if his wife had never existed.

He visited the police and put out a search, but before he left the company we never heard any word that she had been found.

The white robed goddess of death

When I was in high school I caught the flu and had a high fever.

I was feeling faint so an ambulance took me to the hospital.

Turned out I had pneumonia and I slept for the next three days straight, but I didn’t get any better so I ended up staying in hospital for half a month.

A nurse came in regularly to change my drip and clean things up, but sometimes a nurse who looked to be in her 30s would come in and without doing anything in particular would just hang around and look at my face.

Finally I was able to eat again and started to get better, and I was able to talk to the nurse.

I asked her about the nurse in her 30s who would sometimes come around.

Who exactly was she?

“What did that person come to do?” I asked, but the nurse replied “There’s no staff here with that much free time.”

“Do you remember how many times she came?” the nurse asked, so I replied “five or six times.” “I wonder if she was a part-timer…” the nurse gave a vague answer and then left the room.

Then, one year after I left the hospital.

I broke a toe and was admitted again, and by chance I saw that nurse once more.

She was in the emergency hallway, looking at an elderly patient being carried on a stretcher with an expressionless look on her face.

Just as I was thinking it was a little strange, I got goosebumps all over my body.

She looked over and noticed me, and then slowly approached me.

“Can you see me?”

She asked.

Without thinking I covered my face with my hands, and in my heart I screamed over and over, “disappear, disappear!”

After about five minutes I looked up, and she was gone.

I thought she was nothing more than a ghost, but perhaps she was really a goddess of death.

Someone’s watching

This is a story from about 10 years ago, when I was a junior high school student.

After lunch there was cleaning time, and at the time I was in charge of the teaching materials room.
Teachers rarely came to this area during cleaning time so it was popular with students, and when time came to change cleaning areas students always fought over who would get to go there.

Even if you were slacking off from cleaning, it was a difficult place to be found in which is another reason it was so popular.
There was only a single door of frosted glass so if someone was coming you would soon see it.
For example, if someone came and we didn’t notice it, as soon as the visitor opened the door there were plenty of shelves to hide behind so we wouldn’t be found easily.

I remember hanging out with a lot of my friends there in just that manner.
Then one day, we met up with something dangerous in that room.

As usual we were playing around in there when suddenly one of my friends yelled out in a small voice “Someone’s coming!”
Someone was on the other side of the frosted glass.

We quickly tidied up what we were playing with, picked up our cleaning tools and hid in the darkness of the shelves.
We pretended to be seriously cleaning for a while but no matter how much time passed the door didn’t open.
Perhaps someone had just been passing by and that was all we had seen…?
The friend who had called out also thought that was probably it.

Sticking my head out from behind the shelf, I looked in the direction of the door…


There was definitely someone standing behind the door.

But, why?

They didn’t move, didn’t try to enter, why were they just standing there…?

It was then we noticed something was strange about the whole spectacle.
The entire door was frosted glass, so that should mean we’d be able to see the shadow of the person’s whole body.
You could see up to the forehead of even the tallest teacher through it.
But we could only see up to the chest of the figure standing behind the door.
We all slowly looked up and then let out a small scream.

Above the door was a skylight window, about 2 metres high, and someone was staring right at us.

What we saw with our eyes was a regular human.
But that height was not normal…

None of us could yell out. We were scared that if we took our eyes off it that it would enter the room, so we could do nothing but keep looking.
How long passed while we were like that?

Finally that person suddenly looked away from us and then quickly disappeared from in front of the door.

For a while none of us could move…

Eventually the bell rang to signify the end of cleaning time and we heard the sound of students’ voices moving towards their classrooms.

Little by little we calmed down and left the teaching materials room, but everyone remained silent.

Even now we don’t know who that was, and we haven’t heard about anyone seeing whatever “that” was either.

There was nobody in the school at that time over two metres tall, and no matter how much I think about it there’s just no way to explain it.